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What are the Benefits of Arts and Crafts for Kids?

There are numerous arts and craft projects that can engage kids and nurture their creativity. Arts and crafts help in the physical and social development of kids. Let us take a look at some of the benefits of art and craft for Kids.

Develop fine Motor skills:

Most arts and craft projects involve moving the hands and fingers. These movements involve fine motor skills and improve the overall muscle strength and control over movements. When your child colors or does a craft project, his motor skills gradually increase.

Increases Dexterity:

Arts and crafts increase agility in kids and with practice manual dexterity will improve over time. With regular practice, the child will gain speed and as his finer skills improve his artistic skills will also increase.

Improves Hand-Eye Coordination:

Arts and crafts often require keen hand-eye coordination. Starting at an early age will only make it much better. The more the children practice, the better their hand-eye coordination. This will help them in almost all walks of life, including their wishes to excel in sports.

Boost Self Esteem:

Art and craft activities create a sense of achievement inside kids and give a boost to their self-esteem. Teaching a kid to create something tells them that they are in control. This will build immense confidence in them.

Encourages Self Expression:

Arts and crafts are a great way to allow children to express themselves. Arts and crafts can bring out the hidden feelings and emotions in introverted children. Also, all the energy can be channelized into positive endeavors and giving a sense of achievement to the kids.

Helps in Socializing:

Interacting with other children with the same interests gives the kids the opportunity to socialize and build friendships. When parents join the kids in their art and craft projects, it helps in strengthening their bond.

Promotes innovation and creativity:

Arts and crafts provide a platform for the kids to create new things. It makes them think differently and to innovate. The ability to solve problems the kid encounters while taking up a project work promotes creativity. In short arts and crafts will make your kids more resourceful and versatile.

Enhances decision-making skills:

Solving artistic challenges will help a kid in making correct and effective decisions. The decision-making ability will improve the kid’s ability to face other problems and take quick decisions.

Improves Memory :

Apart from learning new shapes and colors, kids also learn about different patterns and figures. Some crafts require visualizing complex designs and the habit of visualizing and remembering complex designs will help the kid in improving his memory.

Crafts teach Flexibility:

Most craftwork can be achieved in more than one way. So unlike maths where you don’t have the flexibility crafts teach the students that they can achieve the same result through a different method. This will help them in real life where they continuously face situations with multiple possibilities. The benefits of art and craft extend to all spheres of the life and make the kids better equipped to face the challenges life throws at them.

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fine Motor skills

Increases Dexterity

Improvoing Hand-Eye Coordination

Boost Self Esteem

Encouraging Self Expression

Helping in Socializing

Promoting innovation and creativity

Enhancing decision-making skills

Improving Memory

and teaching Flexibility

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DIY CRAFT KIT STORE is like a DREAM COME TRUE..... but truly saying it was not pre just happened... Yes it's quite shocking to know that it just happened but I think most good things happen for no reason as they are planned by someone else for you all thanks to my almighty for this. Today I want to share the real story behind DIY CRAFT KIT STORE and the person behind this ...yes that's me Nishat.Sanaulla. It's my first time when I am sharing all this so I am very excited and nervous too..... DIY Craft Kits for Kids to Keep You from Going Stir-Crazy at Home For when you run out of ways to keep your kids busy (which you probably will). By Nishat.Sanaulla With more than nine month of social distancing behind us, you might be running out of Child friendly TV shows to watch for your kids, games to play with kids, and books to read or get your kids to read. But if you’re hunting for a new project that will keep your kids hands busy and your kids mind engaged, may we suggest a DIY craft kit? Sure, arts and crafts may seem like a outdated preoccupation to you, but even as an adult, crafting can offer delight and distraction, and may even give you something you can display at home made by yourself or by your kids (or ship to a distant friend or family member who’s in need of cheer). “But I have more important things to do during this time,” you may be saying. Quiet those thoughts and humble yourselves for a moment, and remember that a pandemic does not necessarily mean more time to create the next great American novel. It might just mean sleep, Basic Hygiene and fun DIY craft with your kids and for your loved ones. Below, we’ve scoured the internet to find crafting kits that have all the tools you need to put together simple or crafts together, and maybe even some new decor for your kids room or homes. The price ranges are accessible too, and each will hopefully take your mind off the chaos ensuing outside your door.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Do you need lots of experience to make these projects?
Absolutely not. These projects are designed for anyone to use. Each one comes with a ‘Difficulty' rating with 5/10 being the highest - so not high :)

2. What do the instructions look like?
Each kit has a video with easy to follow steps and pictures along the video which will be shared with you so you know you’re on the right track. Don’t forget, if there is something you’re still not sure about, just forward us a message and we’ll get back to you quick smart!

3. Does each box really have all the things you need?
Yep. The whole point of our products is to make a great DIY, without the hassle of sourcing and collecting all the things you need. Items like scissors or a ruler or any other stationery item are not included because we figure these are everyday household items that everyone owns.

4. Where do you source the materials from?
It’s a combination of both local and at times international suppliers.

5. How long will shipping take? And is the shipping cost included in the DIY kit cost itself? Typically packages are posted on the same day as the paid order.If for some reason there is a delay with the materials or we need to clarify something with you, you will be sent a prompt message. We anticipate your package will arrive at your doorstep 2-3 working days after you have placed your order, though speed post.Yes the shipping cost is included in the DIY kit cost itself.

6. What if there is something wrong with my order?
If our product arrives and something is broken or amiss, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can send you a prompt replacement or offer you a refund. We regret we cannot accept returns if you have changed your mind about a colour or craft kit.

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